Zelda Throckmorton (ex_vasilissa595) wrote in perfumed_garden,
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the thesaurus

I'm sure that all of you will understand.

What dread hand... dare frame thy fearful symmetry?

Click. Come on. I know (that) you want to Mesmerize

Part of Speech: transitive verb
Inflected Forms: mesmerized, mesmerizing, mesmerizes
Definition 1. to induce a hypnotic trance in; hypnotize.
Synonyms: hypnotize
Similar Wo rds: daze, stupefy, entrance
Definition 2. to hold the attention or compel the obedience of, as though by hypnotism; fascinate; enthrall.
Synonyms: fascinate, spellbind, enthrall, hypnotize
Crossref. Syn.: captivate, entrance
Similar Words: enchant, compel, charm, manipulate, bewitch, transfix, magnetize, control, dominate, captivate
Related Words: grip, transport, absorb, fascinate
Derived Forms: mesmerization, n.; mesmerizer, n..r
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