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For Giz.....*giggles and snorts*

a response to This

The lithe alabaster and crimson beauty lounged on the sofa in her favorite library indulging in some mortal literature. looking up only briefly from the pages as her attendants brought her tea that she'd requested. And though she and her king were once more happily under oneroof her thoughts were on another; the englishman with the french name.

Even if she had the first clue of where to find him...
well she had a clue but dare not think it here in her husbands house.
Besides her on again off again beloved Oberon it was rare to find a man who could tower over her, and it made him instantly attractive. Not to mention it was difficult to find such a well dressed mortal. as she tried to focus her shimmering eyes on the pages the chocolate of his, haunted her. She heard the velvet of his voice in her ear reciting the words on the page before her.
She slammed the book shut and stood up smoothing the red wool of her skirt, straightening the matching jacket with a few gentle tugs. Though a work of modern tailor her suit mimicked the lines of victorian america. Attendants appeared assuming their lady needed something. voices cooing they took over smoothing her suit and fixing her hair, within moments her hair that had been coiled in a romanesque bun now flowed down her back to the floor in sanguine rivulets. as her attendants finished their imagined duty she longed for his fingers, almost as pale as her own, to use that hair to steer her head to his pleasure. with a wave of her own lean hand she sent her grooms away,and stepped out in to the garden.

Her fingers caress one of Oberon's prized roses, and remembers how deceptively soft his lips were, but there was a definete power, a force in them as well. If anything she missed from youthful days with Oberon were the kisses they once shared.
torturous memory was driven from her mind as she saw oberon appear, bearing a ruby the size of a human eye. "My love, My lady." he wispered giving her a chaste kiss. And with a sigh she submitted to the embrace of her king.
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